Aug 10, 2020



Topics for Project

  • Analysis
    • Loop dependence analysis (GCD, Omega Test)
    • Flow-sensitive points-to analysis
    • Context-sensitive points-to analysis
    • Flow-sensitive + Context-sensitive points-to analysis
  • Transform for uniprocessor
    • Interprocedural constant propagation (compare with LLVM -constprop -ipconstprop -ipsccp)
  • Transform for parallelism
    • Loop parallelization for OpenMP compiler (requires loop dependence analysis)
    • Loop vectorization for SIMD-enabled processors (x86, ARM-neon, ...)
    • Extend OpenMP apps to use MPI on clusters
    • Extend OpenMP apps to use CUDA for GPGPU
    • Extend OpenMP apps to use OpenCL for GPGPU
    • Extend OpenMP apps to use Hadoop for Map/Reduce
  • Bug detection
    • Dynamic memory leak detection with instrumenting
    • Dynamic race detection with instrumenting (happens-before, lockset algorithm)



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