Jan 22, 2020




Our research has focused on system optimizations for interesting applications in modern eras, which include deep learning frameworks and big data analysis platforms. Our current interests include:

  • GPU/FPGA Optimization for Big Data/Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Platform Optimization for Big Data Analysis
  • System Software Design for Non-Volatile Memories
  • Static/Dynamic Program Analysis for Performance and Security

Current Grants

  • PF Class Heterogeneous High Performance Computer Development, National Research Foundation (NRF), 2016-2019, 2019-2021
    • In this projects, we are developing nation-wide supercomputing environment for big data analysis and deep learning applications to further enhance the researches in bio-medical, meteorological, nuclear sciences. From programming models and optimizations for GPUs and FPGAs to big data analysis and deep learning application development. Our encompasses key research in system software and collaboration research in computational science.

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